Language, Literacy & Communication

Development of Literacy skills at Glan Usk Primary School runs through all the children learn and experience. The ability to speak, listen, read, understand and communicate through writing are integral life skills, and we enhance them through all we do. 

Oracy skills at Glan Usk Primary School are highly valued. We offer a range of opportunities from Nursery to Year 6 for pupils to role-play, present, perform, respond to and ask questions. We expose children to a wide range of dialogue, voices and ideas from around the world. Notable highlights are pupils performing in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, Head Boy/Head Girl presentations, pupil-led assemblies, acting in role-play areas and school concerts. 

Reading and understanding what has been read continues to be at the heart of developing a love of learning. We encourage that pupils read from a range of sources: plays, novels, newspapers, each others' work and so forth. Collaboration between home and school to develop pupils' reading skills through regular home-reading directly feeds into pupils' enjoyment of reading and progress in Literacy overall. 
Writing is often the end-product of communication. We encourage this in a wide range of genres, from poetry to storywriting to scripts to letters. The Oracy and Reading skills we develop feed into and nourish the writing the pupils develop. Written work is regularly celebrated through displaying it in class, sharing with other teachers and showcasing in assemblies. 
We aim for all our pupils to leave Glan Usk with a lasting love of literature and literacy, and make it our aim for our pupils to be the best speakers, listeners, readers and writers they can be.
For more information please speak to Mrs Glasbrook-Griffiths, Leader for Literacy.

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