In September 2015, we launched our new creative curriculum at Glan Usk – SHINE. SHINE stands for Skills and Humanities to Inspire, Nurture and Empower. SHINE topics are child-led; they begin with an Immersion Day which is a day where learners take part in many exciting and creative activities to enthuse and inspire learners with their learning. The topic is child-led, with pupils sharing ideas for how and what they would like to learn during the topic. SHINE lessons are driven by the key skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competency and allow learners the opportunity to apply and develop the skills they have been taught in these key areas across other areas of the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 curriculum. Pupils are then involved in the evaluation of their lessons which aids assessment and informs future planning. The curriculum is designed for 21st century learning and encourages practical activities, research tasks and creative thinking.  It nurtures a love of learning and encourages key skills and personal qualities.  This fully supports the aims of learning and teaching at Glan Usk Primary School.

The world we live in is constantly changing; the workforce is changing and careers are changing and as a result education is changing.  As a school we want to be proactive, not reactive, to meet the challenges that our changing world presents.  SHINE enables us to strive to prepare our children for their future.