Metacognition & GUPS Heroes


Metacognition is ‘learning about learning’ and ‘thinking about thinking’. Meta-cognitive strategies are teaching approaches which make our learners think about learning more explicitly. This is done by teaching pupils specific strategies to set goals, monitor and evaluate their own learning.

Research has shown that metacognition impacts positively on the progress that all children can make in school. Metacognitive strategies are particularly effective when taught in groups so children can support each other in their learning. Metacognition encourages children to take a greater responsibility for their learning, with teachers supporting and encouraging them.  

At Glan Usk, we are thinking of strategies that will help our pupils become more aware of and improve their thinking and learning. We regularly talk about a ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach to learning:

Plan – Before a Task

Do – During a Task

Review – After a Task

‘Learning to Learn’ is a prominent feature in all classrooms. We are working hard to encourage all children to improve their key learning skills and confidently apply them to a range of learning contexts.

There are 5 GUPS Learning Heroes which reflect key themes of metacognition & the ‘learning to learn’ language. These are:

  • Rhys the Resilient Rugby Player
  • Mali the Motivated Musician
  • Collaborative Carys
  • Emlyn Effort
  • Achievement Ali

These learning heroes are used to support the development of five key metacognitive themes:

  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Collaboration
  • Effort
  • Achievement

Download the Metacognition & Motivation Information for Parents here.